Thursday, August 4, 2011

The "Scoop" on Day Nine

Directory of Photography Dave Brewer Behind the Camera
The still photos continue to roll into the archives of We have posted a couple along with this report. You will find the rest of the latest photos on the Shoot Gallery page (top right on the menu bar). Still shots from yesterday's session should arrive in short order.
Shoot day number nine is now in the can for Roswell FM. All indications are it was another very good day for the project. There were several scenes shot at the ice cream store with Howard (Don Stark) and Jay (Brendan Fehr). Also, for those familiar with the script, the increasingly infamous stretch pants lady (KataLina Parrish) finally made her appearance. The highlight of the busy session may have been the hysterically funny "cake scene" with very memorable images of the "prop cake."
Jay (Brendan Fehr) and Robin (Erin OShaughnessy)
Both cast and crew were hustling by the end of day nine and there were some worries by the producers that the day's schedule might not get completed. However, the last couple scenes, were short ones. And during the closing minutes of the day and the final scenes were done quite well and the day ended on time. For day ten begins today when the set starts at 2:00pm. The later start will enable all the weary souls giving their all to the project to get a good night's sleep.  Day ten will mark the first appearance of Ralph (Kevin Farley). Everyone on the crew and in the cast is excited about Kevin's scenes.  

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