Crew and Casting

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Director  Stephen Griffin

Stephen Griffin
Stephen Griffin will make his feature film directorial debut as a College Television Award winning independent filmmaker. Griffin's films have achieved success at film festivals around the world. Most recently, his producing efforts on the film "The Planeteer" won him the Outstanding Children's Program award at the 2011 College Television Awards. His film "The Lone Warrior," about an aging samurai trying to relinquish a cursed sword, was a finalist at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.
It was also an official selection at the world renowned Plus Cameraimage in Poland, the Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase in Florida, and the Washington D.C.Independent Film Festival.
Griffin's film "Singularity," an effects driven sci-fi project about an ailing scientist who transfers his most precious memories into an android, was an official selection at the Palm Beach Independent Film Festival, The Lake Arrowhead Film Festival in LA, and the Dragon*Con Independent film festival in Atlanta. Griffin earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts after graduating from the University of North Texas. Griffin and "Roswell FM" screenwriter David Spence first collaborated together while they were classmates in Tallahassee. Spence and Griffin are partners in 310 House Productions LLC. View: IMDB

Screenwriter David Spence
"Roswell FM" is the creation of screenwriter David Townsend Spence. Spence has written a number of scripts and plays including a smash hit one act comedy entitled "Recreational Living" that was featured at the university theater at Florida State University. Spence wrote "Roswell FM" in 2007, but production was halted due to labor stoppages and other complications. Spence was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English from New Mexico State University prior to earning a Master's Degree in Screenwriting at FSU. As an undergraduate, Spence studied with Tony Award Winning Playwright Mark Medoff. Director Stephen Griffin and Spence are partners in 310 House Productions LLC.
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Producer Alan Trever
Alan Trever has been involved in various capacities in the film industry for many years. He served as producer for "Coyote County Loser" (2009),"Ilegales" (2010), and "Last Stop" (2011), which is currently in post-production. Trever also served as a crew assistant for locations on "The Men Who Stare at Goats," which starred Ewan McGregor and George Clooney.

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Director of Photography David M. Brewer

David M. Brewer was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY. Shortly after high school, he attended and graduated from Niagara County Community College, with an Associates degree in Communications/Media.  David went on to study at the State University of New York at Brockport.  He graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Communications/Broadcasting.  Shortly after graduation, David was employed at Adelphia Cable Communications, as a Master Control Operator and Production Assistant, which included camera operating for college and high 
school sports and community events. David has always known, since the age of 12, that he wanted to make movies.  In May of 2007, he moved to Los Angeles, CA, to attend the Los Angeles Film School's one year film making program.  Majoring in Cinematography, with a minor in Editing.  Shortly after graduation, David was asked by Director James Wan, to 
co-DP and camera operate on his film, Insidious, along side John R. Leonetti, ASC.David credits his Family, Friends and Faith as his major driving force. In particular he gives all praise to his mother, Carol Brewer, who instilled in him a "never give 
up" attitude and a "reach for your dreams" approach to life.
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Production Designer Bobby Marinelli
Bobby Marinelli is a writer/director and production designer from Tampa, FL.  Bobby graduated from the University of Florida in 2006 with a BS in Telecommunication Production and has worked in television production on shows including Discovery Channel's MIAMI INK and DUAL SURVIVAL.  In 2010 he received his MFA in Film Production from Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts.  His thesis film WAKING ELOISE was awarded a College Television Award for comedy short and will screen at this years Cannes Film Festival as part of the American Pavilion's Emerging Filmmakers Showcase.  His production design work on the FSU Thesis production BAD INFLUENCES has been named official selection of the Rochester Film Festival, the Florida Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival and continues to gain steam on the festival circuit. 
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Character Descriptions

Jay Rathbone – Male, Late 20’s-Early 30’s
Jay hosts the highest rated program at a paranormal talk radio station, a show on sightings.  He is the consummate sweet, normal guy.  People like him and he likes them.  But sometimes he’s too nice.  He can sometimes follow his selflessness to his own peril.  He isn’t a total goober but he is a little intimidated by women.  He’s talented, dedicated, and personable, but he definitely doesn’t act like he knows it.  He loves his friends and family but things get difficult when he has to put one above the other.    

Lacey Del Rio – Female, Hispanic Late 20’s-Early30’s
Lacey hosts a radio talk show on various mythical or magical creatures.  She is beautiful, polite, smart, and subtly strange.  She isn’t crazy, but she shamelessly discusses her interests and beliefs in various supernatural/paranormal subjects, creatures in particular.  She enjoys the normal things about Jay and his niceness, but she often thinks he’s much more mysterious than any of the creatures she discusses.    

Kurt Buzlerd – Male, 30’s-50’s
Kurt hosts a radio talk show on psychic encounters.  He is loyal, passionate, wears his heart on his sleeve, and always acts with the best of intentions.  But above all he’s a little weird.  He’s weird enough to be the weirdest dude in a group of very quirky people.  He believes in aliens, ghosts, psychics, and many other paranormal and supernatural things but he’s not out of his mind.  He lives a somewhat grounded existence but always keeps an eye on the sky.  He doesn’t know when to quit and would sacrifice himself for any friend.    

Howard Bellringo – Male, 60’s-70’s
Howard is the owner of a radio station that focuses primarily on paranormal/supernatural content.  He’s an avid collector and dealer of paranormal artifacts and memorabilia.  The station and his employees are his life.  Without them he’d have nothing.  He enjoys the strange things discussed at his station, but, being a struggling local businessman, he often gets doses of hard reality.  He is a can-do guy, but he often takes some of the seemingly trivial situations in life very seriously.  

Dwayne Archimedes – Male, 30’s-40’s
Dwayne is a good-looking man that lives in a trailer and has aspirations of being a paranormal talk radio personality.  Dwayne has a special knack for bothering Kurt even though he likes him.  Dwayne hasn’t gotten many chances, but is still hoping someone will see his value.  

Grandma Sofia – Female, Hispanic, 60’s-70’s
Sofia is Lacey’s grandmother.  She’s from Mexico, or at least it seems that way.  There’s something downright surreal about her.  She is cryptic.  She never seems to be paying attention to the same thing as everyone else, but somehow always seems like she’s onto something.  She does everything with purpose, no matter how strange it is.  She goes everywhere with Lacey.  

Ralph Cheeks – Male, late 30’s
Ralph is the owner of a dilapidated ice cream shop that is in such a condition solely from his neglect.  He is a sloppy overweight man with little regard for anyone but himself.  He only appears at the ice cream store to periodically stuff his face.  He has money through some distant inheritance.  

Jarvis – Male, little person, 30’s-40’s
Jarvis is a ghost hunter with a temper.  He is diligent and says little.  When he does say something it’s usually shouted.  Jarvis feels a powerful need to help people troubled by ghosts and failure in this regard is maddening for him.  

Phil – Male, 20’s
Phil is a sharp young man with restaurant experience.  He’s a loyal worker and friend.  Phil, though young himself, doesn’t hesitate to crack the whip on young slackers.  He’s a good person to lean on in times of trouble.