Shoot Gallery

Erin O'Shaughnessy

Jarvis and Howard at the hospital

Kurt brings beer

Jarvis with the box

Jay and Lacey well, you know

Ralph pointing to his favorite person

Kurt with his buddy Sophia

Lacy's Mermaid
Lacy Stuck

Stephen Griffin and Jim Grayford

Stephen Griffin

Jay (Brendan Fehr) Hands a Frozen Waffle to Nephew Doug (Doug Haley)

Robin and Doug Hug

Producer Carl Lucas Looks On

D. P. Dave Brewer Working His Cinematography Magic 

Robin (Erin O'Shaugnessy) Puts on Her Necklace Before Breakfast

Jay and Robin in the Kitchen

Sophia Looks on at Lacey and Jay

Lacey and Jay at Her Place

Brendan Fehr (Jay)
Mirelly Taylor (Lacey) and Brendan Fehr (Jay)

The Crew
Behind the Scenes at Humus Harbor

Brendan Fehr (Jay) in his kitchen

Doug going nuts