"Roswell FM" is comedy film about the only "normal" person at a radio station focusing on the paranormal.  This independent project is due to start production in southeast New Mexico this summer.   


Jay Rathbone is the only normal person at a radio station dedicated to the abnormal.  He hosts his own show, the highest rated program at the station.  He loves his job, he loves the bizarre, and he loves the bizarre people at his job.   Most of them he likes as friends, but the woman who runs the creature show, he likes a little more.  They all love him right back.  They like him because he’s nice and because, to them, he’s different.  But then he suddenly throws their nice microcosm of friendship paranormal talk radio into chaos and darkness when he decides to leave the station for a higher paying but humiliating job as an ice cream store manager.  He isn’t clear as to why he leaves, but everyone knows it’s to make more money.  But the money isn't for him.  The money is for his ungrateful and unfortunate nephew to have an opportunity to chase his dreams at a prestigious university he was inexplicably accepted to.  Jay feels an overpowering need to help the young man.  Now he's making money but everything is unraveling around him.  His old valuable friendships, a budding romance with the creature woman, and even the radio station itself are in peril as he goes forward, unable to bring himself to do one selfish thing to save them. 

He’s determined to make the best of it.  They’re determined to bring him back.  The station needs him, but the quirky people at the station need him even more.  Jay struggles to hold onto his values as being a hero to someone in need is slowly killing him.