Friday, July 29, 2011

Week # 1 Photos

Mirelly Taylor (Lacey) and Brendan Fehr (Jay)
The earliest photos of the Roswell FM shoot are in and we have posted them on the page above in the menu bar called "Shoot Gallery." We have a sample at left. This one shows leads Mirelly Taylor (Lacey) and Brendan Fehr (Jay) on their first date at Humus Harbor. For more shots from the first few days of filming click here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kevin Farley is Just What the Director Ordered

When the Roswell FM production team made the offer to Kevin Farley to play the role of ice cream shop owner “Ralph Cheeks,” and he accepted, there was jubilation. Farley sports a fabulously contagious sense of humor, both on screen and off. And that is just what the doctor (and director) Stephen Griffin would have ordered to strengthen the already powerful lineup of comedy-oriented cast members of Roswell FM.
It is hard to believe that perpetually funny Kevin Farley did not always intend to enter the world of show business. He majored in business at Marquette University in Milwaukee. And after graduation, he sold asphalt for his father's company, Scotch Oil for six years.  It was his older brother, the late Chris Farley, who first convinced Kevin to try show business. Kevin studied at the famed Second City in Chicago and first went on stage at the Chicago ImprovOlympic where he experienced immediate success. After a stint in Chicago, Farley relocated to Los Angeles and began to land roles in comedy films such as Tommy Boy and Black Sheep.
Farley’s first major break came when he landed a starring role as "Doug Linus" on MTV's sitcom 2gether. His performances in that project were met with rave reviews. Kevin Farley has appeared in many TV series programs over the years including, That '70s Show along side fellow Roswell FM star and the hit series stalwart, Don Stark. He also appeared on 3rd Rock from the Sun, Joey, Just Shoot Me, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Other feature film credits for Farley include: the Adam Sandler animated comedy Eight Crazy Nights, The Waterboy, Dirty Work, and Cedric the Entertainer’s hilarious Johnson Family Vacation.
Farley recently starred in the lead role of “An American Carol.” In that project, Kevin played a cynical, Anti-American crusading "Hollywood" filmmaker. The character sets out to abolish the 4th of July holiday. In the spoof he is visited by three spirits who take him on a hilarious journey in an attempt to show him the true meaning of America. This film, which was directed by David Zucker, offered powerful political undertones as a parody of progressive filmmaker Michael Moore. The script continuously lampooned contemporary American culture, particularly Hollywood. The story used the structure of A Christmas Carol, but changed the backdrop from Christmas to Independence Day.
Farley just finished the feature film Hollywood and Wine, which he co-wrote, directed and stared in. The film also stars Chazz Palminteri, Chris Kattan, David Spade, Norm MacDonald and Roswell FM star Jason London’s twin brother Jeremy.
Kevin Farley will fit the role of the obnoxious Ralph Cheeks like a glove. Filming started on the project on Monday July 25th on location and will finish in late August.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brian Tee's Most Unusual Role - "Dwayne"

The Roswell FM production team was absolutely ecstatic when handsome actor Brian Tee agreed to play the supporting role of “Dwayne Archimedes.” Tee’s professional resume is quite deep, accordingly, his talents are very well known in the entertainment industry. Brian read the Roswell FM script not long after his fiancĂ©e, Mirelly Taylor signed on to play the female lead as Lacey Del Rio. After going over the script, Tee reached the conclusion that he could have plenty of fun with the project. 

Brian Tee was born in Okinawa, Japan. He is of Japanese and Korean descent. At the age of two, his family moved to Hacienda Heights, California. Tee remained there throughout his childhood. Tee’s background as teenager reads like a story book. He attended Wilson High School and was a star and captain of his football team. Tee speaks Korean, Japanese and English. He is extremely physically fit. He continues to play sports as well as practice martial arts.

Brian Tee impressive list of credits provides depth and experience to Roswell FM. He is perhaps most famous for his appearance as D.K. in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He also played Kazu, the owner of Sushi Rox, on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101. Currently, Tee plays Eddie Choi in Crash.

Tee’s powerful voice and uncanny ability to do accents will add particular value to his role as "Dwayne" in Roswell FM. For the first half of the story, Brian's character will be do voice only, though his role is blessed with delivering some of the more hilarious punch lines of the entire film. By the time Tee makes his first physical appearance in the film, the anticipation of who exactly is the Dwayne character and particularly what he looks like will have viewers on the edge of their chairs.
The filming of Roswell FM got underway Monday July 25th and will continue until late August.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stark in Role as "Howard" a Match Made in Comedic Heaven

Don Stark
The man cast to play the role of eccentric radio station owner “Howard Bellringo” in the upcoming romantic comedy “Roswell FM,” is veteran comedy actor Don Stark. A transplanted New Yorker, Stark’s family moved to Reseda, California when he was still a child. In high school, Stark the macho football player and weightlifter became something of a curious contradiction.
Dared by one of his friends, Don promptly joined the drama club. And before he knew it, young Stark had landed the lead in a school production of the hillbilly morality play “Dark of the Moon.”
Acting continued to be just a hobby for Don Stark along with his interest in bodybuilding and martial arts. Instead of studying cinema or theater in college Don began as a business major. Eventually, Stark realized that his true passion was in developing his acting skills and he switched majors, eventually earning a degree in Theater.
Seen by most in the entertainment industry as a quintessential character actor, Don Stark has appeared in many films. Don is undoubtedly known best for his role as Bob Pinciotti, the divorced and suddenly swinging father of Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon) on FOX’s smash hit sitcom, “That 70's Show.” Most notably Stark’s ex-wife in the series was played by former Charlie’s Angel Tanya Roberts. And one of Don’s squeezes on That 70’s Show was played by actress Brooke Shields.
In the upcoming film “Roswell FM,” Stark draws the key role as eccentric radio station owner Howard Bellringo. When it became clear that Stark was available for the role of Howard, Roswell FM director Stephen Griffin jumped at the opportunity. Griffin believes Stark brings the perfect skill set and stage persona to play the role. Stark’s character is a man doing and saying absurd things who takes himself completely seriously while those around him find his idiosyncratic tendencies to be a remarkable mix of comedic fodder. Stark should fit the role of “Howard” like a glove. Those familiar with the script are anxiously anticipating the on-camera interactions between Stark’s character and the character of small person “Jarvis” played by veteran Hugh Elliot. Shooting began yesterday (July 25th) on location and continues into late August.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Roswell FM Launches Today

David Spence
More than four years ago screenwriter David Spence penned the quirky romantic comedy screenplay, “Roswell FM.” There were tentative plans to shoot the script as a feature film in the late fall of 2007. Those plans went on hold due to a screenwriter’s guild work stoppage. By the time the strike ended, financing priorities, career plans, and project choices changed and Roswell FM went on the shelf for nearly four years.
Stephen Griffin
Earlier in 2011, the project was resurrected and the task of directing the film was assigned to award-winning children’s film director, Stephen Griffin. Griffin had read the script, loved it, and just happened to be the roommate of screenwriter David Spence. Together Griffin and Spence spent the early part of the year collaborating with executive producer and mentor, Mark Medoff and making plans to shoot the picture.
In February the Roswell FM team added experienced producer Alan Trever to their lineup. In May the services of veteran casting director Cathy Henderson-Martin and director of photography Dave Brewer were secured. With these pros in place, a tremendous cast of comedic stars with impressive professional resumes was gradually added to the mix.
Today is D-Day for the shooting of Roswell FM. The launch of the filming schedule will begin with night time sessions. The entire film is being shot on location in southeast New Mexico.

London Seems to Be in the Perfect Spot

London as "Pink"
Jason London was never handed anything in his life. Born in 1972 in San Diego, California. His mother held jobs as a waitress and his father was a sheet metal worker. London’s parents divorced very early in London's life and he spent most of his earliest years in Oklahoma, just across the state line from Tuttle and DeSoto, Texas. London was raised by his mother Debbie. Jason London’s identical twin brother, Jeremy is also a well known actor.
Jason London
Being cast as the hyper-eccentric neurotic talk radio show host “Kurt Buzlerd,” in the upcoming feature film, “Roswell FM,” may well offer veteran actor Jason London his greatest role opportunity since he played Randall "Pink" Floyd in director Richard Linklater's coming of age cult film “Dazed and Confused” back in 1993. "Dazed and Confused" is found on many lists identifying the best cult films of all time. Perhaps the film makes those lists because it served as an amazing proving ground for many future stars including London, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, and Parker Posey.
London's career continued to bear fruit after his role in "Dazed and Confused." In 1996 Jason was chosen by People Magazine as: "One of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World." It was a label that could not help but draw attention to him. London has never wanted for work since his role as Randall “Pink” Floyd in 1993. His list of credits is impressive. He starred in the title role of  "Jason in the 2000 NBC miniseries “Jason and the Argonauts.”
He also starred in “Poor White Trash” playing the seedy role of Brian Ross a slimy ladies-man.More recently, Jason London portrayed Mark, the local newspaper editor, in the 2010 Hallmark Channel television movie, “The Wishing Well,” which also starred Jordan Ladd and Ernest Borgnine.
The Roswell FM script appears to create the ideal setting for Jason London's wide range of talents. He should absolutely thrive in this role. The character of talk show host Kurt Buzlerd requires a fair amount of eccentricity, quirkiness, neursis, and unpredictability. And all of these attributes are packaged within a personality that, unlike many of London’s previous character roles, is nearly impossible to dislike. London joins fellow cast members: Brendan Fehr (TV Series - Bones), Mirelly Taylor (TV Series - Lost), Brian Tee (The Fast and the Furious: 3), Don Stark (TV Series - That 70’s Show), Kevin Farley (An American Carol), and Hugh Elliot (Running Girl) on the set of Roswell FM today, July 25th.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

London and Karstens Postpone Honeymoon - Head to Roswell

Jason London and Sofia Karstens
Brideswedding - Actor Jason London, who gained fame in the contemporary cult classic Dazed and Confused, has taken on the role of a lifetime– that of husband to love of his life, Sofia Karstens. Making theirs a family affair, the happy couple said “I do” in an outdoor ceremony held on July 16, 2011 at the home of the bride’s family in North Hero, Vermont.  During the nuptials guests witnessed the groom gift his wife with a wedding band to accompany his grandmother’s heirloom engagement ring, which has graced the bride’s finger since November 27, 2010. Although the newlyweds will have to postpone a honeymoon excursion until filming wraps on Roswell FM, London’s latest cinematic undertaking which begins shooting on July 25th in Roswell, New Mexico with former Roswell cast member Brandan Fehr and comic actor Kevin Farley, the pair are planning an Amalfi getaway.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Canadian Star Fehr: A Family Man

Brendan Fehr
When Canadian-born actor Brendan Fehr was very young, he said he wanted to be an accountant. Why? The boy loved numbers. It seems unlikely that there were any other would-be accountants in contention for the “Genie Award” in 2008, when Fehr was crowned, "Hottest Canadian Male Star." Nothing in Brendan Fehr’s early childhood background suggested he would become a rising star in the film industry. Born in New Westminster, B.C. in 1977, Fehr spent the bulk of his time growing up playing sports. He remains a hockey fanatic to this day. In 1990, Fehr and family moved from British Columbia to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Gradually, as Brendan advanced through his teenage years his future career interests changed from pursuing accounting to getting involved in teaching. Raised in strict Mennonite tradition, the Fehr family embraced a strict adherence to the gentle virtue of non-violence. Fehr’s mother worked as a correctional case manager and his father worked in the yacht manufacturing industry.
There was absolutely no thought or desire in young Brendan’s mind when he arrived in Winnipeg to enter the world of television or feature films. However, as Fehr matured and advanced closer to his late teens and early twenties, his physical appearance began to open doors.
By the mid-1990’s Brendan's life in Winnipeg began to involve some minor modeling work with local catalogue companies where Brendan worked mostly for modest pocket change. During a visit to Vancouver in the fall of 1997, Fehr approached a model management company in the hopes of landing some additional work. The Vancouver firm took quick notice of Fehr’s poise and remarkable good looks. Gradually at first, Fehr began to realize the potential he might have working in the film and television industry. 
Coincidentally, Fehr’s first real career break came when he landed the role of Michael Guerin on the television series “Roswell.” After a three season stint the offers for Brendan Fehr poured in. He was highly sought after for many young actor roles.
Besides many television roles, Fehr also began to accumulate feature film credits including one for "Disturbing Behavior" at MGM, and a Co-Lead role in "Final Destination" opposite Devon Sawa for New Line Cinema. He also landed the Co-Lead in the independent feature "Kill Me Later", with Selma Blair. Some of Fehr’s more recent credits include playing the recurring role of laboratory technician Dan Cooper in CBS’ “CSI:Miami.”
In July of 2006 Brendan Fehr married Jennifer Rowley. The Fehr family of four now includes two daughters, James Olivia and Ellison Jane.
The role of Jay Rathbone in the upcoming feature film “Roswell FM” fits the personality of Brendan Fehr well. His character in the movie is also that of a man devoted to his family and willing to sacrifice for the needs of the next generation.
Set to begin filming in July 25th, Fehr joins cast members: Jason London (Dazed and Confused), Mirelly Taylor (TV Series - Lost), Brian Tee (The Fast and the Furious: 3), Don Stark (TV Series - That 70’s Show), Kevin Farley (An American Carol), and Hugh Elliot (Running Girl).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Via Guadalajara, Tijuana, Dallas, and Los Angeles - Mirelly Taylor Has Arrived

A graph of Mirelly Taylor's professional acting career would depict a nice steady uptrend. And after many years of persistence and hard work, it now seems possible that Taylor’s leading role in the upcoming romantic comedy, Roswell FM, could finally catapult her towards international stardom. If this new role does serve as a catalyst, it couldn't possibly happen to a more deserving person.
Most successful young actresses can share personal stories of their experiences. Typically they will involve a bump here and a bruise there. Mirelly's trials and tests in early life included one very serious setback that very few human beings are ever able to completely overcome. 
Taylor's life began in Mexico in the city of Guadalajara. 
Raised by her mother, Mirelly’s family moved from Guadalajara, Jalisco to the northern border city of Tijuana when she was just three years old. Young Mirelly's earliest childhood memories are associated with the famously tough border town just south of San Diego, California. For the first eleven years of her life, Taylor spoke only Spanish. At age eleven, Mirelly and her family moved to Dallas, Texas. Knowing shortly after her arrival in Dallas that she wanted to be a singer and an actress in America, she spent the next few years making it her priority to learn to speak English fluently. She also committed to speaking her second language with no accent.
A lifelong pattern of gradually accomplishing lofty goals emerged shortly after her move to Dallas. Unfortunately for Mirelly, her adolescent years in Texas would not be easy ones. Pressures at home overwhelmed her at the age of fourteen, leading her to make the decision to run away. Somehow, while she was living with various friends and often sleeping on couches, Taylor managed to keep her eyes on her academic priorities. Despite the all of the turmoil, Mirelly maintained a lofty grade point average throughout high school. And seven years after her arrival in the United States, the petite girl from Guadalajara and Tijuana graduated with honors from Thomas Jefferson High in Dallas, Texas.
Taylor’s academic achievements paved the way for her to gain admission to nearby Southern Methodist University. There she decided to major in Cinema and double-minor in both Psychology and Spanish.
It was at this point that Mirelly Taylor’s promising young life nearly came to a tragic end. At age eighteen she was involved in a terrible accident that left her nearly fatally injured. Somehow Taylor managed to survive a sixteen inch skull fracture that left her in a deep coma for three days. Emerging from the coma, Mirelly soon began to perceive everyday life as a series of risks, even for those who are supposedly playing it somewhat safe. After some agonizing soul searching that involved determining precisely where her heart was, she made the monumental decision to immediately abandon her studies at SMU and pursue her true calling as a performing artist.
Not long after her arrival in California, Taylor’s acting talent and elegant appearance enabled her to become heavily involved in theater and independent films. Her theater credits quickly mounted, including leading roles in productions such as "Les Miserables" and "The Odyssey."
Thanks to her promising potential as a young actress, Taylor was able to gain admittance to acting coach Alan Miller's exclusive private master's class. There she continued to grow and expand her professional abilities. At the time, Miller was one of the most highly sought after acting coaches in the world, having mentored many of cinema’s most talented performers including Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, and Al Pacino. Mirelly learned her craft well and her career continued its gradual ascension.
Taylor’s remarkable performance in "Kiss Me Again" (2006) demonstrated her potential for star power as well as her eye-catching allure. In that film, Mirelly was cast as an ultra-sexy student who caught the lustful eye of her professor, played by Jeremy London. Coincidentally, one of the lead roles in Roswell FM will be played by London’s accomplished twin brother Jason London (Dazed and Confused).
In recent years Mirelly Taylor has stayed busy. She has guest-starred on hit shows such as, "CSI NY", "Numb3rs" (CBS), PunK'd (MTV), "Las Vegas"(NBC), "Lovespring International Inc." (LifeTime), and "Crash" (2009) (Starz!). Just recently she appeared on "Terriers" on FX.

The processes at work in Mirelly Taylor’s life finally began to come full circle in 2007 when Mirelly met her birth father for the first time in New York. These days, the little girl who spent the first eleven years of her life in Guadalajara and Tijuana has become somewhat of a world traveler. Taylor has visited Ireland, Argentina, China, Panama, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Austria, Israel, Italy, and many countries on the continent of Africa. Mirelly has also enjoyed return visits to her native Mexico.
In Roswell FM Mirelly will find herself surrounded by a cast of seasoned actors with outstanding comedic timing. In many ways, Mirelly's character as Lacey Del Rio is perfectly suited for her own down-to-earth personality. The character of Lacey is a role that calls for an attractive woman to play opposite the shy but remarkably handsome Jay Rathbone (Brendan Fehr). In this script the physical beauty of Mirelly's character will be rather understated, especially when compared to the overwhelming allure she projected in Kiss Me Again. While the character of Lacey is one of an elegant and beautiful woman, Lacey does not seem to know how extremely attractive she actually is. And it is likely that in this romantic setting, Mirelly Taylor will finally have a role that takes maximum advantage of all her theatrical sweet spots.
In Roswell FM, Taylor will also be presented with the unique opportunity to return quite comfortably to her Hispanic roots. She will play a radio talk show host who performs the show in Spanish. Each of Taylor's brief on air scenes will feature English subtitles. The script also surrounds Mirelly with a mostly male cast including: Brendan Fehr (TV Series' CSI-Miami and Bones), Jason London (Dazed and Confused), Mirelly's real life fiance Brian Tee (The Fast and the Furious: 3), Don Stark (TV Series - That 70’s Show), Kevin Farley (An American Carol), and Hugh Elliot (Running Girl). ---- Roswell FM begins shooting on July 25th in the summer heat of the southwest. For someone who has already overcome a severe skull fracture, a three day coma, and many other unique obstacles, for Taylor the heat will seem like a stroll in the park. Early indications seem to suggest this indy film will capture the imagination of distributors and then filmgoers. If Roswell FM does catch fire, Mirelly Taylor may finally draw the worldwide attention she deserves.
                                                                       Cynthia Renee Thurm

Friday, July 15, 2011

Experienced Young Actor Doug Haley Joins Cast

Doug Haley
Director Stephen Griffin and Producer Alan Trever are pleased to announce the selection of young actor Doug Haley to join the cast of Roswell FM. Haley will play the role of high school senior "Doug Rathbone," nephew of the lead character Jay Rathbone (Brendan Fehr). Haley may be best known for his role as "Walker" in the television series "Good Luck Charlie." He also appeared in the television series "Heroes" as Young Joseph. Haley appeared in the 2010 film "Freeway Killer" as Sean. With many other acting credits on his resume, Doug Haley is a very welcome addition to the talented and experienced players scheduled to appear on the set of Roswell FM on July 25th.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Roswell FM is Drawing International Attention

Take a look at our press coverage page. The press releases for the casting selections for Roswell FM are drawing attention from around the world. Not only is the film getting pre-production mentions in well know domestic media outlets such as Variety, The New York Times, and USA Today, sites following the film industry in countries such as Mexico, Spain, Ecuador, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, and New Zealand are also following the news. Filming of Roswell FM begins on July 25th with the cast arriving on location in Roswell, New Mexico a week from today.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Facebook Page Chair Selections Begin

Jason London
The casting process is over. Our search and selection process for actors and actresses to play the key roles in Roswell FM began four months ago. It is fair to say the actors and actresses who have signed on to play in Roswell FM bring an enormous wealth of talent as well as countless years of professional experience to this film project. Though we were confident we had a winning script and a talented production crew, after two casting calls in Los Angeles, one in New York, and one in Albuquerque, the ultimate caliber of the final team now set to perform exceeds our highest hopes.
Bremdan Fehr

As our production team moves forward with last minute preparations for the shooting of the film, we are thrilled to announce the signing of the following top notch players for the project:
Jason London (Dazed and Confused)
Brendan Fehr (TV Series - Bones)
Mirelly Taylor (TV Series - Lost)
Brian Tee (The Fast and the Furious: 3)
Don Stark (TV Series - That 70’s Show)
Kevin Farley (An American Carol)
Hugh Elliot (Running Girl)
Mirelly Taylor
The Roswell FM marketing and public relations team is now looking to build worldwide awareness for the project. In this effort we are accepting applications for individual state Roswell FM Facebook page chairpersons. Fans selected to serve as our Facebook page chairpersons will all receive autographed pictures from the film’s stars.
Brian Tee
We will also provide special Roswell FM crew caps and t-shirts. These items will be identical to those worn by the crew members during the shooting of the film.

Eventually, the top five Roswell FM state Facebook page chairs (those responsible for helping us attract the greatest number Facebook page followers in their state), will be notified a few weeks prior to the film’s premiere showing.

Don Stark
We will contact our winning chairs after we have done a counting of the number of Facebook followers of Roswell FM. We will do our count on a state-by-state basis.
The five winning Facebook page chairs will be provided with two days accommodations to the worldwide premiere of the film.

To apply to become a Roswell FM state Facebook page chairperson, please send us a brief letter via e-mail to

Kevin Farley

In your letter of application, simply explain why you want to be involved with Roswell FM, and also why you believe you are the best person in your state to help us attract additional followers to the Roswell FM Facebook page.

Hugh Elliot
We will confirm our selections for state chairs via direct email no later than the end of September 2011. We will continue to maintain direct email communications during and the film's pre-production, production, and post-production phases. All state chairs will have up-to-date information on all the important factors related to our team's efforts to prepare the film for a theatrical release.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kevin Farley Joins the Roswell FM Cast

Kevin Farley
Roswell FM Producer Alan Trever and Director Stephen Griffin are thrilled to announce the selection of Kevin Farley to play the role of outrageous ice cream shop owner “Ralph Cheeks.”
Farley is perhaps best known as the middle brother of the acting Farley brothers that includes the great late comedic actor Chris Farley, and youngest brother John P. Farley. Kevin and John Farley are well know for their hilarious comedy routines on their comedy club tours. Kevin has been cast in numerous roles in films with David Spade and Adam Sandler. He appeared in "The Waterboy" and "Dirty Work." Farley also appeared on the smash hit TV series, "That 70’s Show" with Roswell FM cast mate Don Stark back in 1998. More recently Farley starred in the 2008 parody movie, "An American Carol."
Kevin Farley brings a wealth of talent, comedic timing, and professional experience to the set of Roswell FM. He joins Jason London, Brendan Fehr, Mirelly Taylor, Brian Tee, Don Stark, and Hugh Elliot. The feature film begins shooting on location on July 25th.
Visit for more information. For interviews, Executive Producer Jim Spence can be reached at (575) 556-8500.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Big Talents of Hugh Elliot Tapped

Hugh Elliot
Los Angeles - Director Stephen Griffin announced the selection of Hugh Elliot to play the role of “Jarvis” in Roswell FM. Elliot’s character is a ghost hunter hired by eccentric radio station owner Howard Bellringo (Don Stark) to track down the ghost of “Uncle Larry.” The relentless search by Jarvis is initiated at the radio station after the jar the ghost of Uncle Larry was “stored in,” was broken by quirky talk show host Kurt Buzlerd (Jason London). The magic of the Jarvis character is the way the small person demonstrates his powerful need to help people troubled by ghosts.
The failures of Jarvis, in regard to re-capturing Uncle Larry, are maddening for him. The character of Jarvis packs comedic firepower, and the role is in great hands. Hugh Elliot is a veteran actor having performed extensively on television, in feature films, and on the stage. His glorious British accent and rich voice have made him a hot commodity in the voice-over market.  His impressive professional resume can be viewed here: Hugh Elliot
Roswell FM begins shooting on location on July 25th.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Accomplished Veteran Don Stark Joins Cast

Don Stark
Los Angeles - Director Stephen Griffin announced the selection of accomplished veteran actor Don Stark for the role of radio station owner Howard Bellringo in Roswell FM. Stark's IMDB page (view here) tells the story of an actor with a remarkable career of accomplishments. Perhaps best known for his role as Bob Piciotti in the smash hit television series, "That 70's Show" Stark brings a phenomenal sense of comedic timing, stage presence, and decades of experience to the Roswell FM cast. Filming of Roswell FM begins on location July 25th.