Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 8 of Production, Laughing and Having Fun

August 3 - Today Roswell FM is in its eighth day of production, shooting on location in Roswell, New Mexico. Word of a feature film shoot being in process has now spread throughout the community in Southeast New Mexico. Small crowds are beginning to form at the shoot locations each day to observe the production process and get a glimpse of the stars. In the meantime, all production insider reports indicate that the principals are very pleased with the technical and artistic values of the scenes that have already been shot. Apparently this quirky comedy is even drawing repeated outbursts of laughter from the crew as the seasoned collection of cast members deliver their lines.
Screenwriter David Spence
Screenwriter David Spence (right) has been on site during the production observing and sometimes assisting the cast and crew while collaborating with Director Stephen Griffin. Explaining the delicacies of comedic timing during an interview today, we got the sense from Spence that with a third of this film already in the can, the meticulously selected cast is delivering and delivering huge. As each visual and verbal tickler continues to play out before the cameras, Spence reports that all participants are having fun and providing the proper flow. Confidence is running increasingly higher that this comedy will generate many billions of laughs around the world when it is released next year.

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