Sunday, August 21, 2011

Roswell FM Wraps in the "Wee Hours"

Stephen Griffin
The independent comedy film script "Roswell FM" was written more than four years ago. The on again off again financing for the project was finally secured just over seven months ago. The casting was completed just seven weeks ago, and the on-location shooting of the film was completed in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday August 21, 2011. Most members of the deeply talented and experienced Roswell FM cast have already caught planes flying out of the remote town of Roswell in the southeastern section New Mexico. Most are headed back to the west coast. Post production work on the film will begin almost immediately and also under the direct supervision of director Stephen Griffin (310 House Productions). In an interview just before the final filming session Griffin reported that he and Dave Brewer (Director of Photography) will remain in Roswell for a couple of additional days to shoot some footage for the project before also heading home. Griffin will go to the Dallas area and Dave Brewer will head back to Los Angeles.
Dave Brewer
When asked about his initial recollections of the highlights of the four-week shoot, Griffin was all smiles. Explaining that even the best written comedy requires an intuitive sense of timing and non-verbal skill sets, he was completely thrilled very early on at the incredible grasp of all the humor contained in the script by each and every cast member. He then immediately credited the wisdom and vast experience of veteran casting director Cathy Henderson-Martin for helping his production company land so many top-notch comedic artists for the film. Griffin also gave high marks to New York-based set director Bobby Marinelli and his team and previously mentioned D.P. Dave Brewer, not just for their creativity, but also for their steadfast efforts.
Don Stark, Brendan Fehr, Mirelly Taylor, Jason London
Griffin was also especially pleased with the thoroughness of producers Alan Trever and Carl Lucas. "These gentlemen along with the terrific teams they assembled, worked tirelessly to provide the directing team with all of the tools we needed to deliver remarkable production values," Griffin said. At first Griffin was hesitant to name anyone for fear of forgetting anyone, explaining how critical it is to characterize filmmaking as a "team sport" instead of the efforts of a collection of individuals. In the days and weeks ahead we will have more interviews from the film director of Roswell FM as well as discussions and footage of many of the other key players on the team.

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