Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Radio Station Shots Begin Today

The Directors
Such is the way of a feature film production. Roswell FM has passed the half way mark with today being day # 13 of the shoot. And finally, the cast and crew have arrived on site at the radio station to shoot those scenes of the film. The film is titled Roswell FM, because the main characters all work at a radio station. Ironically, the radio station scenes are the only ones in the film that will not actually be shot on location in Roswell.
On a location scouting trip earlier this summer Director Stephen Griffin (above left) absolutely fell in love with the facilities of a broadcasting operation in nearby Artesia, New Mexico. And as luck would have it, our good friend Gene Dow of Pecos Valley Broadcasting (and his hospitable team) have rolled out the red carpet for our cast and crew. Suddenly the Roswell FM team literally has their run of their vintage location. When we checked in on Gene this morning to see if he was surviving all of the mayhem he replied cheerfully via email, “We’re not getting a lot of work done. They have taken over the entire building. Fun to watch!”
Actually Bobby Marinelli and his crew have already spent many hours at the facilities in Artesia over the last couple of weeks preparing for the shooting of the radio station scenes. And since some of the best scenes in the entire script occur at the station, everyone is looking forward to the unfolding of this phase oft he project over the next few days.
So far the actors, actresses, directors, producers, and crew have been weathering more than a few days of triple digit heat outside. Though the heat wave in New Mexico has been nothing like what has been experienced in Texas the last six weeks, many of the west coasters are getting a steady dose of high temperatures. In fact, today looks to be perhaps one of the hottest days of the project. The good news is the vast majority of the time of the entire team will be spent indoors.

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